Halloween with the Kreme comes but once a year

It’s October and that means Halloween with the Kreme has arrived and it’s possibly the best collection of stories I’ve ever created.

Halloween with the Kreme 2021 Promo Ad

This year’s Hallowkreme stories include:

New Hours Later following the original Donnie the Dimwitted Demon story revisiting his opening day with some of his very first costume customers to see how their costumes affected a school dance they later attended. A terrifying haunted house off campus that leaves a couple of students possessed with School Spirit.

You’ll also find stories with creepy clowns, costume curses, wizard wands that work, cameras that take you where no roads lead, ghostly mini-golf, a classic game given the SINtendo touch, bimbos bursting out of computer screens, and more.

Plus brand new Donnie the Demon, Fertile Fields, SINtendo, Trance-tory, and Fear Fairy tales as well as an eye opening Konversation about just how wrong a costume can be…

…and could there even be a van with meddling mystery solving kids and their dog?

Find out in Halloween with the Kreme 2021!