Jul 03 2014

Chit Chat is for Readers Only

Video Chit Chat by Kris P. Kreme

Video Chit Chat by Kris P. Kreme

After accidentally initiating a video chat with a man she’s never met before, Kiera finds herself quickly sucked into a rather open and friendly conversation online.

As the chat progresses, it becomes a challenge for her to prove that there is nothing this man can say or ask her to do that will embarrass her.

In the end Kiera proves that even if she didn’t know it, there is nothing she won’t do on the broadcast of a live video chat.

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Kiera is running late to a meeting with her anthropology professor on campus. Unfortunately she’s not going to be making that meeting after she attempts to hastily video chat the professor and accidentally dials the wrong number.

Her video chat goes through but the man she is chatting with definitely is not the professor and he’s somewhat pleasantly surprised to see such a pretty young woman on the screen.

Apologizing for the mistake, intending to quickly hang up, Kiera delays when the friendly seeming man she began chatting to points out a smudge on her shirt. One simple somewhat awkward moment turns into a conversation which soon has Kiera no longer in such a rush to run out the door of her dorm room.

The professor has waited before and she’s already late as it is, so she calms down, relaxing, having a nice chat with the man who claims his day was headed to boredom before she came along.

As the conversation progresses, the man she’s chatting with alludes to her skills with starting up conversations with men she’s never met before, a definite social skill she has, along with everything else she has going for her. Kiera is more than happy to accept that she is a natural when it comes to talking online with all sorts of people.

When topics take a turn for potentially more embarrassing themes, Kiera is stubborn to say she can’t easily be embarrassed, which quickly escalates her new mystery man chat buddy to some friendly challenges.

Almost without knowing it, the challenges get more and more personal until Kiera no longer is thinking much about her anthropology professor or her studies, showing off in live video chat just what a truly unembarrassed coed slut she can be.

Sometimes all it takes to open up is a little video chit chat.


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