Oct 22 2018

HallowKreme Candy is extra special

Carnal Candy by Kris P. Kreme

Carnal Candy by Kris P. Kreme

Having been at the beach during the off season, Leanne and her daughter Dakota are disturbed to find a new business opened near their home while they were away.

Stopping by Carnal Candy on the evening they return, both of them intend to give the owner a piece of their mind, but they may just end up giving a whole lot more after he offers them free samples of something called a Carnal Candy Cummy Gummy Pop.

As he seems willing to change and discuss the offensive advertising for his business, Leanne and Dakota quickly seem willing to change a lot more, thanks to the delicious candy they just can’t get enough of.


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Returning from an annual beach trip Leanne and her daughter Dakota take each year in October, they are both extremely bothered to find a place called Carnal Candy having opened for business a short distance from the entrance to their gated community home.

The signage is all overly sexualized images of skimpily dressed women, and it’s immediately beyond offensive to women, something Leanne has raised her daughter to feel the same about, to always fight such crude new trends in businesses in their area.

They’ve previously stopped a chicken restaurant from opening, one of those ones with the practically topless waitresses, and this business is already quick to make the wrong impression, quick to be next in line as Leanne decides to pull in on their way back from the beach.

It’s evening and the place looks to have hardly any customers at this hour, but it’s lit up which means open, and there’s no better time to go in and have a word with the owner about how inappropriate the signage is, how disgusting a demeanor towards women they are presenting with such crude advertising.

Walking in the doors of Carnal Candy only makes it much clearer that this is a place neither Leanne nor Dakota will hold any punches over. A disgusting elaborate display of three candy created nude witches with candy tits on display sits over top a message of Happy Halloween and welcome to Carnal Candy. All over the place are posters with sexy women and half naked girls holding lollipops suggestively. It’s just horrifying to both the conservative mother and her daughter and they will not stand for this in their neighborhood.

After meeting Phil, the owner of Carnal Candy, he seems confused by their distress at what they see, but also quickly seems to take the hint that these are not any women to mess with or take lightly. Leanne can appreciate that he’s at least willing to sit down and discuss her concerns, so both she and Dakota accept his generous offer of a free sample of one of their exclusive candies, Dakota going off to check out and see how crude or insulting other candy displays might be as Leanne is taken back to Phil’s office to discuss possible needed changes to correct the wrongs Carnal Candy seems to have going on.

But there’s something very unexpected about the Carnal Candy Cummy Gummy Pops Leanne and her daughter have taken. Dakota notices it first, and much more quickly as she rather greedily took the biggest lollipop in the free sample bin, but even Leanne is noticing it the more she licks from her much smaller one.

There’s a flavor that almost smells recognizable, though Leanne can’t tell from where… and for Dakota, there’s just a quickly rising physical pleasure with every lick, a thrill that she very much is getting overwhelmed by.

Exactly what is the secret ingredient in a Carnal Candy Cummy Gummy Pop… and will the addictive taste of it prove too much for both mother and daughter to handle? Ultimately in the end, the newest candy store in town might be doing away with conservative values and sending away two very satisfied customers… making this a truly Happy Halloween for every man around.

HallowKreme provides Kremey tasty treats, but there just might be a hidden trick to what makes these treats so tasty.


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