Dec 06 2019

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SINtech Tales SINister Shopping by Kris P. Kreme

SINtech Tales SINister Shopping by Kris P. Kreme

Shopping can be a pain around the holidays, but never as literally a pain as Courtney Richards is about to find out.

When her father has to run off to speak with his tech expert about glitches in the revolutionary new virtual shopping technology his company was supposed to release, Courtney solves her boredom by shopping. But this online shopping is different, using a VR headset to enter a vast virtual mall.

Within that mall Julie James has been shopping for a gift of her own… and Courtney might just be perfect, after a little resizing.

When shopping during the 12 Days of Krismas, the only thing worse than being out of stock is going out of your mind.


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Courtney Richards is as spoiled a rich girl as you might find, a typical girl obsessed with looking just right, excited today because she was supposed to be modeling for a brand new virtual shopping product her daddy’s company is going public with. Only just like the shopping season, things are about to take a chaotic turn thanks to a certain virtual vixen.

As Ted Richards debates the claims of problems with Dustin, his tech programming expert, Courtney is ready for her photos, ready to be the new face of Virtu-Shop, the shopping application that creates an entire massive virtual mall where one can wander any and all online shopping destinations just as they would a mall… but without the crowds and chaos of the season.

Dustin has been pointing out to Ted that certain lines of code, code released by someone claiming that the lines of code were in fact not a virus but Julie James, the online gamer star who vanished and reportedly has been rumored to mysteriously show up in other virtual worlds with far from kind intentions. According to Dustin the glitches which have appeared recently with Virtu-Shop match those lines of code precisely.

So as Ted tells his daughter to wait as he goes to check in with Dustin down at the lab, Courtney decides what better way to pass the time than catching up on a little shopping herself.

Slipping the Virtu-Shop headset on, advanced cameras scanning her recreate a lifelike representation of Courtney within a massive gleaming virtual shopping mall. Yet she is alone in this mall, the Virtu-Shop not yet released, and she has the teenage dream of a mall to shop and no one else to stop her.

But dreams can quickly become nightmares as Courtney discovers that there is someone hidden within the mall, someone who can stop her in ways she never imagined. A certain unexpected redhead named Julie James has been shopping, but not for clothes or gifts… for a new victim to enjoy, for a lovely curvy girl to offer the perfect Christmas gift for her only friend since becoming trapped in the virtual world.

Will Courtney get her Christmas shopping done in time to model as the new face of Virtu-Shop? Will Julie James find just the right size gift for a certain scary cock monster? And will Ted Richards discover that others can spoil his daughter quite literally a whole lot more than he ever could? The magic of the 12 Days of Krismas begins with a little SINister Shopping.


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