The name says it all

Devilish Deceptions by Kris P. Kreme

Devilish Deceptions by Kris P. Kreme

Families with power manipulate and use, and no family has done that more than the Ablo family. But the son of that family wants out, a young man who goes by D.

For generations he’s known the Ablo family manipulated to get their way, treated women as objects, used and abused them. They have a talent most wouldn’t believe, yet D. has always been a romantic.

He sets out on his own, putting past and family talents behind him, hoping to meet a young woman. But when he meets a lovely Asian beauty named Jasbee she may not be any less manipulative and deceiving than his own father.

She could never imagine the dangers of her Devilish Deceptions when it comes to playing D. Ablo though.


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Over 9,000 Words of Kreme!

D. Ablo is a man with a mysterious past he shares with no one, a man whose family has a unique gift, though in his mind it would be better called a curse. Not too long ago he severed the ties with that family, heading out into the world to find a nice girl and settle down. And like every fateful meeting, he believes that has happened when he spots the lovely young Jasbee in a mall one day.

Every bit as exotic and beautiful as her name, the sweet looking Asian girl is illuminated by the sun above through the mall skylight as she holds a clipboard and almost shyly tries to get passersby to pay her some attention.

She never would need to try with D. as he has everyone call him, and soon he’s approaching and striking up conversation, wanting to learn more about Jasbee even if he really doesn’t have a whole lot of interest in the services she is offering information on.

As it turns out Jasbee works for a somewhat failing spa just outside the mall. She’s trying to drum up business for them by offering special discounts and services. But like most men D. has never considered a spa visit, yet for a beautiful exotic girl like Jasbee he’s willing to listen to anything.

She tells him about how spa cleansing can be great for men, talks about the deluxe package that includes things like a milk plus mask, facial massages, extractions, and double cleansing facial wands. Truthfully he has no idea what most of that even is or involves, but D. has wanted a girl like this in his life for a while, his father always one to just use women, to see them as objects and not individuals. Jasbee has quickly gotten him thinking not just of spa treatments but of a potential future, this being the moment they met.

So of course her honest sweetness and perfectly slender figure as well as the exotic nature of her beauty convinces D. to sign up for the deluxe facial cleansing. After all, she says she’ll perform it the next day and it would give them more time to talk and get to know each other out of the flow of mall traffic.

But as D. is about to discover, some women are quite talented in their own right, the ability to manipulate men and play up the sweet innocence just to sucker those men into signing up for expensive spa treatments that aren’t even what they get.

Showing up with a smile, ready for not just the deluxe cleansing package but to once again let the beautiful Jasbee grace his eyes, D. is bothered to see the sweet friendly girl from the day before behind the desk at the spa twirling a strand of long dark hair in what could only be described as boredom.

Gone is the spark of sweetness in her eyes, even her movements more shuffling and less geared towards showing off her figure. Jasbee rolls her eyes and shows little to no interest in conversation, impatient to get his facial cleansing over and done with.

D. is understandably disappointed but disappointment turns to something very different as Jasbee gets more and more dismissive, rude, as she says the spa has to charge him and hold his card during the spa cleansing, and finally as that spa cleansing offered is entirely different from the one she spent so much time explaining the day before in the mall.

According to her the spa changed its deluxe package since yesterday, no milk plus mask, no double cleansing facial wand, none of the luxury services he’d anticipated. And that’s when D. fully accepts that Jasbee is not the innocent sweet girl he was hoping to meet, get to know, have a relationship with one day soon. She’s another manipulator and the Ablo family knows more about manipulation than any on earth.

There’s an old saying that D. Ablo understands well, because in many ways it was made up about his very family, his father particularly. You don’t mess with the devil unless you want to get burned… and Jasbee has pushed him to a point he hoped he had put behind him.

If he can’t experience the treatment he paid for, the one she described in such detail, she will… in a way she never imaged. But where to get the milk for that milk plus mask her lovely exotic face will be wearing… where to put that double cleansing facial wand? If anyone knows, D. Ablo knows and poor Jasbee will never be fooling another man again, nor will she be very bored at her job from now on.

A new kustom from the Kreme reminds readers to always follow through on your promises and never deceive a mysterious stranger, because you might not know the cost of those Devilish Deceptions.


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