That’s some Trance-tory Trickery

Trance-tory Trickery by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Trickery by Kris P. Kreme

Alan has always been obsessed with magic, since well before he was a loner of a college student with a desperate pessimist for a friend named Irving.

The two have been friends a long time, and have never had success with girls, but all that might be about to change.

When they go exploring in the attic of the oldest campus building which happens to be their dorm the night before campus shuts down for summer, they find dusty professional looking magic props, apparently made by a company called Trance-tory way back in 1963.

But will these props impress the girls at a last minute party they plan, or could magic be real and more twisted than even Alan ever imagined?


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Alan may just be one of the most self-assured dorks on campus, a sense of pride in his nerdiness that most college kids just don’t have. But in his mind, Alan has always been more than a bit of a performer, comfortable in front of audiences large and small, no matter how much the audiences might laugh at him. In his mind he has always been the Amazing Awesome Alan, a great magician who can amaze all with the awesome tricks he presents… especially the ladies.

But the truth is Alan and his longtime friend and college roommate Irving are probably two of the most desperate virgins on campus. Where Alan has always believed that if he keeps practicing and improving his still quirky talent for magic he’d eventually be a big success and have a hot assistant he can do lots of kinky things with, Irving has taken the pessimistic approach of seeing the negative of every situation. But the one thing the best friends share is a determination to figure some sort of success with the girls on campus… which is exactly what has led them to be exploring the ancient dusty attic of their dorm building one night.

The creepy attic is very poorly lit and with resident advisors still in the building downstairs, Alan insisted on bringing no flashlights that might’ve given them away since no students are supposed to be up there. Their goal is to search through the attic of the oldest building on campus, see if they can’t find something to impress the ladies, a goal Irving questions nearly from the start.

But stumbling around in the poorly lit space happens to lead Alan and Irving to a discovery that may just make all their fantasies come true… in a twisted kind of magical way.

What Irving thinks is just a bunch of old broken dusty junk is instantly recognized by Alan as props… for a magician. There is a twister box, with colorfully painted sections where lovely assistants can have their head, torso, and legs rotated. There’s a uniquely designed box and saw, to saw someone in half. There’s even a really fancy guillotine along with a crate of prop magic guns, all very dusty and old, the paint faded, but otherwise everything seeming to be in remarkably well-preserved condition.

It’s the coolest thing Alan has ever seen, professional quality props for a magician here in the attic above his dorm. But Irving is questioning the highly unlikely chance that any of this will lead to him finally getting lucky with any of the campus hotties. He’s questioning it until, that is, Alan has the idea of a themed party at midnight the following night.

Campus just so happens to be shutting down for the summer, and tomorrow at midnight, even campus security will be leaving, the resident advisors leaving during the next day. So if they ever wanted to have a party with no risks and plenty of possibilities for rewards, tomorrow night at midnight is the time. Alan, though, is mostly wanting to finally get his captive audience to perform these incredible tricks and after discovering a dusty old yellowed manual for all the tricks, he is sure he can master them in time.

But there is a bit of a mystery surrounding these seemingly innocent magic props. When looking them over, Alan and Irving discover the props labeled with a fairly common company name… at least common now. Trance-tory is a company Irving especially knows since his mother and sister have always seemed a bit obsessed over the Trance-tory Toaster back home. But the problem is, the date of these props manufacturing date seems to be 1963, about thirty years too old to be Trance-tory. Of course as Alan points out, the props were apparently developed by the men who formed Trance-tory when they went to college there, when they were a couple of guys just like Alan and Irving.

Figuring the mystery won’t stop the party and isn’t anything to worry about, Alan and Irving manage to get the heavy props down into the main lounge room on the main floor of the dorm where they will have their party, and as Alan reads up on the props and practices, Irving heads off to get the word out and of course make sure there’s plenty of beer, something he thinks will be more essential to a successful party than magic tricks.

Only this is one party where trickery will outdo all else in releasing inhibitions. As the Amazing Awesome Alan makes his performance debut with real magic tricks, he and the rest of those watching discover that each time a trick is performed, it has a uniquely pleasurable effect on the cute coed volunteer.

And these tricks do a lot more than just illusions, the sweet Abigail actually getting cut in half, the redhead Cheryl getting more than just twisted by the twister box, and the hottest girl on campus, Kerry perhaps giving head in a way she never imagined thanks to the magical guillotine.

Thanks to plenty of drinking, most of the other college kids aren’t quick to pick up on the disturbing reality of these magical performances, but how will the most sober among them, Alan and Irving react?

Will Alan finally get the performance of his life, one no one will ever forget? Will Irving finally get laid? Will the hottest girls on campus ever be put back together or will their lovely magically parted bodies be only that much more shared and enjoyed by everyone at the party?

Like any good final act, the ending may amaze you, but thanks to the Amazing Awesome Alan, it definitely will entertain… thanks to a little Trance-tory Trickery.


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