Some roads are really Remote

Remote Chances, Remote Roads by Kris P. Kreme

Remote Chances, Remote Roads by Kris P. Kreme

Josh Berry discovered the most unexpected secret about his father’s sudden change in behavior when the same accidental enhancement happened to him.

Zapped by an electrical shock from an experimental remote control, he found himself porn enhanced to the kind of perfection only seen on screen in adult features.

Now that the pandemic is loosening its grip, it’s time for Josh and his dad Luke to embrace their porn-demic fun with a competitive road trip.

A lot of lucky women traveling remote roads will find out just how stuffed their transformational travel time can be after one glance at the packages Josh and Luke are carrying.


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For the past year, life has been interesting… although for most of the world it’s been a pandemic occupying every waking moment. For Josh Berry though, and his dad Luke, they’ve thoroughly enjoyed a porn-demic of their own. Stuck at home hasn’t been bad at all when any woman who gets a glance at their accidentally enhanced dicks immediately changes into the porn version of herself.

It was not so many years back when Luke Berry, a once ordinary electronics salesman met a man with an experimental remote control. After a fluke lightning strike went through a motel TV stuck on porn and into the remote in Luke’s pocket, he was somehow changed, perfected into a stereotypical porn persona of himself. He quickly discovered the enhancements went beyond physical and exposing his flawless manhood to a woman over a certain age immediately transformed that woman into her own porn variation.

There has been plenty of fun since that day and plenty of different porn stereotypes to exploit and enjoy, but the real father son bonding didn’t happen until Josh got a shock through a phone call with his dad, the same remote happening to be in Luke’s hand. And so a new competitive streak has evolved in their relationship, both of the Berry boys eager to spread their own porn-demic one woman at a time.

Of course there is a learning curve and Josh Berry hasn’t quite gotten the entire understanding about how his new sex life works. Mostly, he still doesn’t entirely get that condoms aren’t necessary, since as Luke points out, in porn there never is a need for it, as porn is a performance and carries no risks, no diseases, nothing bad at all, just pleasure. It’s the secret of why they can go and go and go and only end the fun when they are ready, because in porn it might take multiple takes, but they are the living embodiment of porn perfection.

Only certain themes of porn need condoms, Luke says, and the only time he explored those themes was Halloween when he corrupted Josh’s friends back before Josh joined the porn altered club with him. But Josh says something that makes sense to his dad, especially after the last year. Sometimes it’s just fun to take risks, a thrill to not knowing and taking chances.

Ever since Halloween at Helloween when Luke Berry discovered that occasionally there are no limits to porn, the rare kind of porn with massive budgets where special effects can make nearly any kinky thing possible, he’s thought about doing it again. And now that he’s heard travel restrictions are finally being loosened where they live he thinks it’s the perfect time for a trip… a father son road trip.

And so it’s time for the Berry boys to hit remote roads, taking far more than remote chances in a father son competition like nobody has ever seen. Throughout their trip they have one goal in mind, outdoing the other in extreme porn transformations of other random travelers.

Whether it’s driving by mothers and daughters on the road, flashing their dicks out the windows at them and watching the corrupting transformations before pulling over to assist. Or whether it’s showing a pair of female truckers how they can handle heavier loads.

Will a family road trip get freaky at a rest stop, poor daddy having to watch as wife and daughter are changed forever? Will a couple of sexy coeds at a gas station learn just how full their tanks can get? Will coworkers discover a dominance and submission to their own relationship?

The pandemic seems to be fading but the porn-demic is just beginning, and there are no rules, no saving restrictions to stop what happens when Remote Chances, Remote Roads takes father son bonding to all new extremes.


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