It’s never game over with SINtendo

SINtendo Dungeons and D Cups Rolling for Revenge by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Dungeons and D Cups Rolling for Revenge by Kris P. Kreme

Nathan got revenge on two of his friends for what they did to his mother during a transformational reality bending game called Dungeons and D Cups. But will the final round against his final friend’s mother prove too much to handle?

When he and his corrupted mother Marissa pull Dwayne, his mother Wendy, and stepsister Becky into the Dungeons and D Cups game world, they each will face changes and challenges they never expected.

Can Dwayne stop his own mother from forever turning to her own dark side? Can Nathan defeat the evil witch Wendy becomes? And will Marissa get saved a fate she has already suffered?

Find out in the final epic battle, Dungeons and D Cups Rolling for Revenge.


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Over 13,000 Words of Kreme!

Just a few short days ago, Nathan was a remarkably typical teenage boy with few cares in the world, even if he rather famously had a short fuse and was easy for his friends to get a rise out of. But those friends never pushed Nathan over the edge quite like they did when the four of them played a game called Dungeons and D Cups.

It was Nathan who found the game app, when one of their usual D&D players who hosted the games couldn’t make it. Nathan was sick of the way his friends had been perving on his admittedly hot redhead mother, and all he wanted was an outlet to let off some steam while roleplaying the game. But SINtendo Dungeons and D Cups was more than mere role-play. When they began their quest, the game transported all of them into an alternate fantasy realm where each of them became the characters they had randomly been assigned, strengths and all.

Only the game had not merely sucked Nathan and his friends into Dungeons and D Cups. His mother upstairs had also been put into the game, as a helpless maiden and all of his friends saw her as just a non-playable character whose image was taken from real life and who as a helpless maiden presented far too tempting a target to defile with their new character strengths.

When the game was over, there wasn’t much the three hadn’t done to Nathan’s mom, and it was the next morning he discovered that she was actually in the game, the changes and twisted depravity they had put her through seemingly changing the once innocent sweet mother forever.

It pushed Nathan past a point he’d ever been and he decided it was time to serve up revenge, one game of Dungeons and D Cups at a time… a revenge he would take on each of his three friends using their mother by tricking them into the game world the same as his mom had been.

Nathan had enjoyed the first two games, forever ruining and corrupting two of his friend’s mothers, pulling them into the game the same as his friends who had to witness what happened and live with the consequences when they changed back but their mothers didn’t after playing.

The one drawback was the simple fact his own mother Marissa got pulled into each game as well, changed and corrupted in more and more ways herself until now on his way to strike back at his last friend Dwayne, Marissa has become as perverse and depraved a slut as anyone could ever imagine. The once sweet kind redhead who had a natural beauty and was certainly a milf according to his friends has become a freakishly curvy busty vision of perfection with a devious mind and a craving for kinky sex, even constantly hitting on her own son Nathan.

But Nathan has remained focused, fending off her advances while using her new character traits to pull his friend’s mothers into the game where whatever they become Nathan can destroy them in perverted ways, most of the time with his mother only cheering on the changes.

Will this time be any different? When Marissa and Nathan show up at Dwayne’s house, a familiar car is waiting there, a car Nathan knows because it belongs to Dwayne’s stepsister Becky. She is older, a coed, and almost certainly hot enough to have been leered at by all of Dwayne’s friends. Nathan knows even Dwayne thinks Becky is hot, so maybe, just maybe, he can pull her into this final game along with his mother Wendy. If that happens then Nathan hopes he can save his own mother any further changes, any further corruption.

But in the world of SINtendo, gameplans often are subject to the whims of a fate no player might be ready for. Successfully tricking the rather dull and seldom paid attention to Wendy into the game, along with Becky, the group finds themselves separated from each other.

Nathan has become a character called Nathan the Nagual, a mythical human creature with the ability to shapeshift into animals or animal hybrids. Dwayne has become Dwayne the Demon, but even a demon can’t overpower the supernatural shapeshifting being Nathan is.

The two friends find themselves alone with Becky, who for the first time in Dungeons and D Cups history as far as Nathan has played, has become something they’ve never heard of… Becky the Blank.

There is no sign of their mothers, and that worries Nathan, but not enough to avoid starting out on their journey to a towering dark structure on a mountain that has to be their destination for this quest. It’s during that journey that Nathan figures out that Becky the Blank will become whatever she is told and that means all sorts of kinky transformational fun to be had, with Dwayne left to watch and plot his own revenge.

Yet for all the confidence and planning, will Nathan ever be prepared for the sight he sees when they encounter Wendy… now Wendy the Witch, the most evil and fierce foe Nathan has ever faced. Wendy is not only incredibly upgraded in sexiness, she has a host of spells she can cast in her goal of defeating Nathan and torturing his mother who she has held captive. Marissa has changed once again, but this time it’s to a character both Nathan and Dwayne recognize… the first character she ever became, Marissa the maiden.

Nathan faces his final revenge, but can he also save his mother from the fate she’d already suffered, the corruption she’d already been through? Or will the battle prove too much to stop any number of magical spells from only redoing what once was done and leaving Marissa and Nathan’s relationship forever changed at the end of this game?

Dungeons and D Cups has taken fantasy to all new extremes, but can anyone really win while Rolling for Revenge?


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