There’s one Geist Kollection

Peter Geist - A Kreme Kollection

Peter Geist – A Kreme Kollection

The entire Peter Geist saga in one massive Kollection!

Known only as Peter Geist, a name adopted well into existing as a spirit, he is a mostly harmless entity, alone across time within the walls of a decaying structure that rarely brings guests. One by one, Peter Geist greets his special guests and guides their words and deeds. But Peter is quite the amorous apparition and he has quite a true taste for girls…


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This work contains the previously released stories in the Peter Geist series:

Peter Geist the Amorous Apparition

Plotting and planning to put some friendly scares into their best friend Chloe, a girl Nick & Andy have secretly lusted over for many years, they trick her into visiting a reportedly haunted house. This house though is the home of Peter Geist, a spirit who will put a lot more than friendly scares into all three, possessing their bodies and using those bodies in only the most kinky ways imaginable.

Peter Geist Realtor-ture

It isn’t frequent that Peter Geist has unexpected guests to his old rundown farmhouse, the place he has haunted for more years than he can count. Richard, a determined realtor, is going to sell this place for the bank who owns the land, wipe it off the map, but not without a fight from Peter Geist, who comes up with some truly twisted torturous pleasure after seeing Richard’s lovely young partner.

Peter Geist Dolly Depraved

Always a manipulator who uses her attraction to sucker men into her schemes, Dolly Depont’s latest scheme involves flipping a property for big profit. But she doesn’t know that the property happens to be occupied… by a sinister spirit named Peter Geist. And unfortunately for poor Dolly, she is about to discover what real manipulation is all about.


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