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Free HallowKreme 2013 Sampler!

Halloween with the Kreme 2013 - Sampler by Kris P. Kreme

Halloween with the Kreme 2013 brings many new themes and twisted tales, from demons to ghosts, from werewolves to warlocks, with witches and aliens tossed in for good measure. Now experience the newest gift from the Kreme this Halloween season, an entirely free Sampler of all the tales to be found, sure to whet your …

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The 2013 Krop of Kandy Korn is here for Halloween!

Kandy Korn 2 by Kris P. Kreme

Get ready for more Kandy Korn, the yearly Kollection of Klassics quenching your thirst for more Kreme. 

This year, face the zombie terror in the town of Romero through one family’s eyes as those eyes take on a glassy undead sheen. 

Follow a delivery man’s random trip the most feared home in a neighborhood.

Then witness …

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Beware the Boobyman if you can…

The Boobeyman by Kris P. Kreme

Alexandra’s new home may have an unexpected tenant still dwelling within. Warned by some rather strange girls in the neighborhood, she is told the tale of The Boobeyman, a creature that comes for her as she sleeps and makes her boobs bigger. Will she suffer the same fate as the girl who lived in the …

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Caligula’s Curse returns for Halloween 2013!

Caligula's Curse by Kris P. Kreme

Halloween with the Kreme 2013 continues with some Klassic time of the season Kreme! Caligula was infamous in his day as the honorable emperor struck down into depravity by an unknown illness, a man who gave in to base desires, spending time at a castle retreat now destroyed. The original stones from that castle are …

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Halloween with the Kreme 2013 begins with Donnie the Demon

Donnie the Dimwitted Demon by Kris P. Kreme

Halloween with the Kreme 2013 begins with not the brightest of demons making an appearance! Some demons want pain and punishment for all mankind. Then there is Donnie, who’s always enjoyed his human friends more than any of the bullies back in hell. When Donnie invites his human friends over to a Halloween costume party, …

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2013 – The Year of the Kreme…

It’s 2013 and the Kreme will be flowing this year like never before. Some old favorites will be returning with new stories! SINtendo will be arriving with a state of the art console! More rewritten and expanded Klassic Kreme! Reader’s Choice stories that you voted for! A Kollection of the best Kreme from 2012!  Lots …

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HallowKreme continues with The Man in the Old House

The Man in the Old House by Kris P. Kreme

HallowKreme continues with the second tale of lucky, and not so much so, trick and treaters who find out when they visit the Man in the Old House the treats are the tricks… Find it on Smashwords now for $2.99! Find it on Amazon for $2.99! Thanks to a mysteriously creepy man in an old …

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HallowKreme 2012 begins with someone Getting Spun

Getting Spun by Kris P. Kreme

It’s November 13th and what better day than the 13th to begin HallowKreme 2012? There are all kinds of games that naughty trick and treaters play on Halloween. Perhaps you have played spin the bottle? But you’ve never played quite the game that these four fast friends are going to play… …again and again… Find …

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