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Jul 20 2015

Readers can get some Anime AIR

Anime DNA returns Readers! Anime DNA put fantasies in the bloodstream, making a girl what she hated most. Anime AIR will have a girl gasping for a fresh breath. Horrified to discover her boyfriend Joey likes kinky anime movies with busty child faced Asian girls getting violated by tentacles, Allison rips his favorite posters down, …

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Jul 18 2015

It’s the Reader’s Choice Workout

Time for a workout Readers! Gaby is about to be heading off to college and is counting on maintaining a cheerleading scholarship, Gaby finds a new video exercise program to tone and tighten her abs like never before. Promising a unique experience combining an advanced camera system while the video plays with special self hypnosis, …

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Jul 16 2015

Readers are going to get Bimbo Bummed and Bombed

It’s time for Readers to find a Bimbo who’s Bombed… A high maintenance princess goes from riches to rags in the latest Bimbo Bombing. Beverly has always been above everyone, but thanks to her being above the requests of a simple text message she’ll find herself lower than ever. Lower intelligence, lower morals, and lower …

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Jul 14 2015

Readers can get a lesson…

Time for Reader’s Choice month to go to school… All set for her first college class, Horticulture 101, Danielle is quick to discover that maybe she misunderstood just what class she was signing up for. After being volunteered for demonstration to the rest of the class by Professor Adams, Danielle will discover a lot more …

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Jul 12 2015

Readers can get a workout

Reader’s Choice month is ready for a workout! A promising young athlete, Melissa Lawrence suffered a torn calf muscle that tripped up her destiny as one of the greatest female athletes around. Now she has been trying everything to recover even past her former glory. An unconventional idea about visiting an old man in the …

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Jul 10 2015

Readers turn at the next Bimbo!

Reader’s Choice month takes you in a new direction! Rachel is a model used to posing beside powerful sports cars. When she has the chance to own her very own, purchasing from a police auction of seized property, she quickly discovers that some cars come with a much higher price. Having the advanced Brain Drain …

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Jul 08 2015

Time to learn a lesson Readers!

Reader’s Choice teaches a lesson! Gil Graven has reined in his temper for years now, a quite particular set of skills for managing stress. He has done everything to just find peace and relaxation in his own backyard, but the annoying college kids next door are about to push too far. After they refuse to …

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Jul 06 2015

Get Ready for a Party Readers!

Reader’s Choice Month is ready to party! Everyone in the office knows they can count on Eleanor to do all the thankless favors. She’s hardworking, deceptively smart, and puts up with anything. Inflating a bunch of balloons purely by her own lung power for a party prep one evening, Eleanor discovers the dangers of party …

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Jul 04 2015

SINtendo returns for Reader’s Choice Month!

SINtendo is back for Reader’s Choice Month! When Kevin’s cousin Vince calls and is bored out of his mind at the local DMV, Kevin has just the cure, in the form of an all new SINtendo phone App called SINtendo App-gasm. Now at merely the swipe of his thumb across his phone, Vince is free …

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Jul 02 2015

Reader’s Choice 2015 begins with a Talking To

Reader’s Choice 2015 has arrived! Katie was just traveling home for the summer, out west attending college, looking forward to seeing the sights during the long bus ride. A fellow traveler named Roger with a bad habit of talking too much might just ensure that everyone sees a lot more of Katie than she sees …

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Jun 30 2015

Reader’s Choice 2015 is coming!

It’s almost here. The one month of the year when all of the choices Kreme Readers have made for new Kreme stories come true. Fifteen stories that have everything that you, the readers, have voted for, emailed about, and sent comments on. More SINtendo, more Brain Drain, more Donnie! More clothing stories, bimbo stories, hypnosis …

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Jul 31 2014

Readers will enjoy a Bimbo Baked

The final book of Reader’s Choice 2014 has arrived and with it comes all of the fine bimbo baking you could ask for! Mistakenly mixing in a batch of Bimbo Powder, an old gag gift made in the 1950s, Pete’s new wife Elisha cooks up something quite irresistible in the kitchen. While the meal might …

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Jul 29 2014

Blowing Up Readers

After a drunken blur of a night being hazed into a mysterious Salem sorority, Kelly and Penelope wake to discover something is happening to them. They are changing, bodies stiffer, muscles working less and less, mouths opening into subtle O shapes. A night where dark robed sorority girls taunted them with realistic looking sex dolls …

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Jul 27 2014

Readers are going to get Booked

Shy, bookish Brooke finds her desires shifting far from simply reading a book when one falls from a high shelf in the library, smacking her in the skull. She suddenly needs to live out that book, to embrace the story in ways far more intimate, and that particular book just happened to be the Kamasutra. …

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Jul 25 2014

Stereo-Typed by Readers

After breaking a homeless man’s stereo, Amber and Maggie find themselves undergoing some striking behavioral changes, their every action re-tuned from what it once was. As Amber rides the bus doing much more with her mouth than talking to fellow passengers, Maggie finds work quite stimulating in pleasant ways, eager to milk the most out …

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Jul 23 2014

Readers! The Bimbo Bomber returns!

Three girls find themselves pawns in an attack like no other, one used against the other two, playing with their fates in ways most kinky. Sarah has been Bimbo Bombed, chosen because of her ambition and drive. Will she give up that ambition to find herself a vapid bimbo or fate two of her best …

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