Jul 12 2018

It’s time to get a little Krude

When writer’s block strikes it can torment anyone, especially online erotica author Krass B. Krude. He spins popular tales of twisted depravity in everyday life, the more twisted the better, but today he’s desperately seeking inspiration for his next story. Fortunately an idea comes when the cute neighbor girl brings home a stuffed bunny she …

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Jul 10 2018

The delivery costs are… draining…

With his daughter away at school for the first time, Alec Kent figures sending some books and things from home will help her feel more comfortable. But Zoey Kent may end up feeling a whole lot more than just comfortable after Alec uses a seemingly joke shipping company to produce labels he merely intended to …

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Jul 08 2018

Ya’ Know Readers…

A new transfer student in young teacher Jenny’s English Lit class has a frustrating habit of frequently interjecting the words Ya’ Know into his sentences when speaking. But are those words somehow having an effect on everyone in the class including her? And how extreme can those effects possibly get within just one week at …

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Jul 06 2018

Get comfortable Readers

Wanting to play a trick on his innocent girlfriend Beth, Ryan may just put an immediate end to that innocence after buying a high quality prank chair called a Sex Seat. Supposedly it can give orgasms to any woman that sits in it based off their specific weight in the chair, and when it turns …

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Jul 04 2018

It’s time for the fireworks to begin Readers

When Cassandra wakes up on July 4th with no memory of whose bed she is in or how she got there, panic turns to horror with her realizing she has cheated on her husband with some big black guy named Ivan. But Ivan claims he picked her up and paid for her. He proves it …

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Jul 02 2018

Readers know you have to read the instructions when playing SINtendo

Kevin and Amber have a happy marriage, even if few suspect that marriage was based in SINtendo with deviant little secrets in their past. Fortunately those secrets are hidden from most they know, including their three time a week babysitter Cassie. But when Cassie’s friend Layla convinces her that snooping around and stumbling on Kevin’s …

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Jul 02 2018

Reader’s Choice 2018 begins today

Starting today, July 2nd, 2018! Fifteen new servings of Kreme as suggested by you Readers! Favorites return along with new surprises! Starting with a new SINtendo! A special 4th of July treat of Kreme! Brain Drain gets an update! The annual Reader’s Choice begins in mere hours!

Jun 25 2018

Counting Down to Reader’s Choice 2018

It’s time Readers… A month you voted on… A month filled with Kreme… A month where anything… can happen. Starting July 2nd… Reader’s Choice 2018 begins!

Jun 23 2018

The Selfies size things up

If the Summer heat is draining you dry, be sure and have a downright magically blessed time with these two specially selected Selfies. A few close girlfriends have a plan for facing the changes that post college life will bring, but they end up having a far more Swell time than expected. And Jeremy catches …

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Jun 14 2018

It’s time for Darwin to lay more than the law

Darwin Darius had wealth and power, yet a woman never fell for him. He did his best to manage the anger at failing in the game of love, until finally he accepted a better game… lust. Darwin’s temper was never anything but short, and that temper created long repercussions. Possessing a unique talent for mental …

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Jun 06 2018

The Kreme of the Krop for 2017 came in a bit late this season

Over 46,000 Words of Kreme! Every year there comes a time when all the plowing, all the dirty sweaty work, and all the generously planted seed from last year gets sifted and sorted, the very choicest juiciest tales hand selected and offered up in one giant feast… and that time has cum once again. It’s …

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May 29 2018

Are you enrolled in SINtendo Summer School?

Everyone’s favorite teacher Haley has a problem, and she’s already handled one problem in student teacher Rose. School is over, championship football season in the books, but with the team losing players it’s time to recruit and that’s where three transfer students come in. These are the best in the state and thanks to slutty …

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May 27 2018

Summer’s going to be a Grab Bag

Summer is just around the corner but don’t get Busted sneaking out for some fun or the fun might just get more out of you than you can handle. And while some are outside, others are cooped up in stuffy offices, so have a rewarding konversation with a friendly secretary. It’s time to Grab the …

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May 25 2018

Spring Cleaning gets… dirty.

A special themed Kollection of Kreme! Over 20,000 Words! It’s that time of year again, Spring Cleaning time… although at Kastle Kreme things sometimes just get dirtier. Maids have it rough, but they’ve never had it rougher or ended up enjoying a most unclean ending more than in two of these tales. And have you …

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May 18 2018

The Selfies are getting heated up for summer

Spice up your spring by spending some special time with the hubby in these two Selfies. Just be careful what your hubby’s motives are if you find yourself assisting medically in a foreign place where the men are stiffer than trees, and especially take everything he says with a shade of doubt or else you …

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May 12 2018

She stands Autocorrected

It’s enough that Meredith’s oldest friend is pushing her to flaunt her busty body now that they are away at college. She’s also dealing with a major headache in the form of her new cell phone’s autocorrect feature acting very odd lately. No matter what she types, the autocorrect makes last second changes that remarkably …

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