Mar 17 2018

Time can stop… and go

It might be impossible for Jessica to get her husband Davis to enjoy regular exercise together. Yet it’s the impossible that happens for Davis, picking up a discontinued stopwatch at a store near his office and using it during their morning jog one day. Instead of a timer starting, all time around Davis seems to …

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Mar 13 2018

The joke’s on her

Seth and Kyle don’t mind working at one of Alexis Beltrane’s charity events, not when she is wearing a seriously sexy red dress. Unfortunately the milf mother of their one time friend Lance means putting up with Lance himself, the self-appointed king of Yo’ Mama jokes. More than karma may be at play tonight when …

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Mar 06 2018

It’s more transformative than the Twilight Zone

Stuck in Bimbo Limbo by Kris P. Kreme

After a study session leaves her exhausted one night, and with worries about not being everything her boyfriend desires, Cassandra finds herself with time to rethink her ambitions after a scary car accident leads her on a life changing journey. Waking to being pried from her car, strapped down and taken to a strange hospital, …

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Feb 25 2018

Get another view of SIntendo

Casey played and won SINtendo Best of Breed 2: Pregnant Pauses. As a reward he chose the coed girlfriend of his older brother. He didn’t choose the others he’d played with as pawns during the game who’ve since shown up to practically worship him. After his mother runs off to find answers and never returns, …

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Feb 24 2018

The Law is Darwin’s

When Darwin Darius meets an attractive woman, he can fall head over heels… but then a rich middle-aged man can’t change an often selfish arrogant woman’s mindset with wealth alone. His lack of success with women has led to plenty of frustration and pent up anger… anger Darwin has to work hard to manage. What …

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Feb 19 2018

SINtendo warms up February

Steve has to attend a conference meeting at work since he happened not to be traveling with his family over the annual company winter break. Waiting alone in a cold office, no coffee, Steve tries a free trial adult phone app to keep the blood flowing. SINtendo ContactHIGH lets you choose characters based on contacts …

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Feb 13 2018

The Vex Dolls are back

Malerie and Valerie were innocent girls, sisters seeking to join a greater sisterhood in the Omega house. That was three years ago for the twins, years they have suffered and enjoyed the changes that sorority house put their bodies through. It seems Omega house has been run by a twisted threesome of witches for many …

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Feb 08 2018

It’s been a long time since you’ve been Thirsty

The town of Victoria has hidden a mystery for centuries, one locked tight within the shadows of the Dark Forest. Stephanie has ventured to the town for her first live-in maid position, a beautiful young woman named Vicky wanting help keeping the farmhouse clean as she tends to her milk cows in a barn Stephanie …

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Jan 31 2018

Get a start on the New Year with Selfies

Another year another dual serving of Selfies. With all the craziness in the world you might be tempted to think you’re crazy also. Here’s a twisted twosome of tales that proves you don’t have to be crazy to enjoy the craziness. Enjoy The Magic Behind the 8 Ball & Not a Second Time! This Selfies …

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Jan 28 2018

Days Later… Time to Flip Out

Days after the Flipping Fate of New King City was realized at the hands of evil genius Mickey Morno, three students return from an out of state educational challenge. Jessica, Marissa, and Casey were celebrating a win against brilliant young minds from around the country, but it’s not a celebration they find stepping through the …

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Jan 22 2018

Days Later… It’s SINtendo

Days ago, the owner of Aces Arcade walked in to find an employee working hard screwing a girl senseless. Joe knew that SINtendo was involved, and meant his prized possession in the backroom of the arcade was to blame. Determined to put his rare SINtendo Arcade console from the 80s under more than lock and …

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Jan 16 2018

Days Later… It’s in the DNA

Keith’s girlfriend Courtney hated the very thing she ultimately became, the purple haired anime girl in his new poster. After she and her sister got paper cuts ripping it apart, they both changed. Now days later, more than just Keith are enjoying those changes. While he assumes Courtney is still his faithful if kinky girlfriend, …

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Jan 12 2018

Days Later… Donnie’s back

Days after Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex, five customers’ lives have changed. Desda ruined the humans with her own demonic influence on them, using costumes and more to permanently alter the college kids’ lives. Now Will and Mitchell have a cam show starring Froggy Lynn, a once sweet innocent girl, now green tinted …

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Jan 08 2018

Days Later… We return to Hell

A friendly middle-aged sales rep for the retail chain Bust Buy had his world turned upside down on what was to be a standard trip to a tech expo. He met a man with an experimental remote control, tested it one stormy night on his cheap hotel television, and somehow he woke after a fluke …

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Jan 04 2018

New Year’s is a Grab Bag of holiday goodies

December brings a chill in the air, but get ready for a doubly hot treat. First put on your stockings and prepare to get stuffed, then face a little merry mayhem with the mistletoe. Thanks to the Kreme, there are plenty of ways to keep warm this winter! This Grab Bag includes: Stuff-her Stockings: Christmas …

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Jan 01 2018

Some things are better unwrapped after Krismas

Two special treats for the beginning of 2018 for Kreme Readers! Here are two uncensored covers which, as it’s after Krismas, can be unwrapped for all to see! First is the cover of Booby Trapped Blizzard… And here’s the first cover of the new Days Later series: Best wishes from the Kreme to all and …

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