Aug 25 2018

Selfies go exploring in August

The summer days are still heating things up, so it’s time to take some chances. The risks are definitely worth the rewards in the first Selfies selection this month, and the second one is just out of this world with big big Kreme kraziness. This Selfies includes: A Calculated Risk: Jake is ready to have …

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Aug 18 2018

Get Social with SINtendo

Buddies Hank and Reese make an impulsive plan using a new Social Stats App that Reese is linked to by an online gaming buddy. The App promises to use AI to alter any photo to fit whatever heading or status caption they apply to it. Figuring to spice up Hank’s date night with Stefanie, they …

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Aug 12 2018

It’s Klassic In Sanity

When a powerful godlike being from an alternate reality pops into ours as they have done many times throughout history, he’s only here for a laugh. Fascinated by human women, his laughs will make true mockeries of the many he encounters, as well as sometimes leaving the men grunting animal like shells of their former …

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Aug 08 2018

It’s time for a Kustom Wish

Greg’s dad is a smart guy, the curator for a locally based traveling museum on world cultures. Of course Greg thinks the smartest move he made was marrying Courtney in recent years, a cute, shy, Asian Fascinated by Courtney, Greg is a homebody, spending his college summers around the house with nothing to occupy himself …

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Aug 04 2018

Summer is time for a Grab Bag

Summer time, time for taking a trip and keeping the lawn under control. Just be careful about the friendly talkative stranger you sit beside on any trips, because if you’re young and pretty, his talking could be truly mind numbing. And never disrespect the boy that keeps the lawn under control, because he might control …

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Jul 30 2018

Reader’s Choice 2018 closes with a return Days Later…

It was just days ago that Kyle received a big gift and a bigger shock from the surprise his girlfriend Deanna had planned for his birthday. Given a SINtendo Whee, he had assumed she got him a very realistic sex doll that looked like a younger version of herself. In fact that sex doll was …

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Jul 28 2018

You never know who’s going to be on display

Seemingly unconnected random events are striking public places, women and girls of all ages, all beautiful, are losing inhibitions and morality, becoming little more than sex crazed fiends. Yet what is affecting them, and will a journalist, Samantha, put all the pieces together before she or worse still her sweet innocent young daughter Katie fall …

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Jul 26 2018

Keeping fit is a Konversation

Meeting a friendly guy who is visiting the gym for the first time, young regular Jessica has no idea just how much a conversation with him will change her regular workout routines. Told by this mysterious new therapist that she looks dangerously thin and quite possibly protein deficient, Jessica will take serious everything he says, …

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Jul 24 2018

Always read the safety card Readers

Lydia and Becca are catching an early flight back from an Academic Conference the bright young Becca has just finished up. Meeting a most charming businessman named Damien who sits with them on the flight, the topic of basic airline safety comes up. Yet what is the big danger about this flight having no flotation …

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Jul 22 2018

It’s not always best to be the winner

Jennifer never suspects she may be about to win a prize when she answers the door one day, nor could she ever imagine that the prize will ultimately change everything about her in ways she can’t yet imagine. When Stan and Jarrett grin and announce “We’ve Got a Winner!” a planned evening of simply enjoying …

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Jul 20 2018

Release the stress Readers

Readers Choice Month can be stressful but not as stressful as the evening Allison has coming home from summer classes to find her favorite stress balls missing. After Jodie hides the stress balls in hopes of driving her and Sasha’s roommate out of the apartment, things take a turn for the extreme as Allison uses …

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Jul 18 2018

It’s fun to be playing with a Doll

Bethany never minded moving in with Harris’ somewhat crude roommate Manny, especially since they are engaged to be married and her dad is their landlord. But during the month of July something strange might be happening to her, and it all begins after Manny brings home an advertisement for a sex doll called a Good …

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Jul 16 2018

Time to jump into Summer

When Nadine and Mindy encouraged their shy responsible friend to get out of the dorms, they didn’t exactly think she’d lead them on a hiking quest through distant woods in search of a natural spring. They simply wanted to show Summer that a cute coed can have fun outside a book possibly with boys involved, …

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Jul 14 2018

It’s a SIN to be SlothFULL

Nick, Hannah, and Jake are roommates, though while Nick and Hannah have always been driven and goal oriented, Jake tends to be a fairly harmless slacker, content to nap the day away and do nothing. But when a mysterious game shows up that somehow leaves Hannah dead on the floor, will Jake do something he …

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Jul 12 2018

It’s time to get a little Krude

When writer’s block strikes it can torment anyone, especially online erotica author Krass B. Krude. He spins popular tales of twisted depravity in everyday life, the more twisted the better, but today he’s desperately seeking inspiration for his next story. Fortunately an idea comes when the cute neighbor girl brings home a stuffed bunny she …

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Jul 10 2018

The delivery costs are… draining…

With his daughter away at school for the first time, Alec Kent figures sending some books and things from home will help her feel more comfortable. But Zoey Kent may end up feeling a whole lot more than just comfortable after Alec uses a seemingly joke shipping company to produce labels he merely intended to …

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