Apr 26 2014

Have you bounced on a Tramp-Ohhh-leeen?

For those who are short on time but heavy on the Kreme, a brand new series is born. Kustom Kuickies, short tales kustom written for fans like you. In this tale, witness college coed cutie Katie accept a dare from her friends which sets up an accidental fall onto a very special kind of trampoline, …

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Apr 21 2014

The Korporate World gets Kremed

There’s corporate crime and then there’s Korporate Kreme, where crimes are perverse and twists are tantalizing. In Proof of Life, Tyson Campbell, PR head for Bio-Gen finds his family taken, forced to follow tasks to get them back. The kidnappers keep his family unharmed but they aren’t unchanged as each night he witnesses videos of …

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Apr 17 2014

The Kreme of the Krop for 2014 is in!

It’s time again for The Kreme of the Krop, the best Kreme wrapped in a nice curvy package. This year’s Krop includes SINtendo Whee YOO! and Bimbo Bombed, as well as three never before seen Kreme Klassics. In Opposites Attract, watch brainy girl Chloe break down inhibitions at Club Trance, introducing a corporation dedicated to …

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Apr 12 2014

Patty gets on the Chopper

Where the Kreme Kustom Single Choppered left off, Patty Caked picks up. Julez, the Sunday school teacher gone wicked, has a student to teach. After Matt’s ride on the chopper with teenage Patty, she is left confused, conflicted, and convinced that Julez and Matt know what to do with her. A week of perverse lessons …

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Apr 05 2014

Beware The Gnome. Lots and lots of Gnomes.

After Jenny Lee moves into her first home, she notices there’s something very strange happening in the quiet mountainside neighborhood. Yard gnomes are all over the place, in every yard but hers. These are creepy little stone sculptures with perverse poses and even more unsettling gazes. At night everything changes, and soon Jenny Lee might …

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Mar 30 2014

The Komplete Paranormal Trilogy is now available

The most terrifyingly tantalizing trilogy from the Kreme is finally brought together in one depraved and deadly volume. Paranormal Entry, which introduced the mysterious DeLiniac Tower and saw a number of women working data entry get fully screwed by their work. Paranormal Exit, where the Tower proved that no one could place its fate in …

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Mar 27 2014

When is it Not a Second Time?

This is a Kreme Klassic like no other, where more than female bodies are corrupted and contorted. Read the tale that twists and bends inward on itself creating an ending like never imagined, where even the laws of reality and time itself can’t be relied on. Doctor Robert Lane, small town physician breaks his oath …

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Mar 23 2014

Caligula returns to take Control

Aggy was a lighting technician on the set of Caligula’s Curse, a nerd girl grown up, loving her job. After the curse of Caligula spread throughout everyone involved in the film, everything changed. Now, three years later, Aggy and her stepson Kyle are at the center of a reemergence of the curse and this time …

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Mar 17 2014

Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun Returns!

If you thought you’d seen the last of Lenny the leprechaun, think again. One tale has remained untold until now, the tale of how Lenny passed along his legacy to a human one year. After witnessing magic in perhaps the most extreme and depraved manner possible, one human boy named Lewis makes a wish to …

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Mar 12 2014

Get to the Chopper!

After experiencing an orgasm on her neighbor’s new chopper, Julia feels the embarrassment might kill her. She never suspects that the chopper harbors an evil that doesn’t want death but corruption. Over the course of a week, she changes her look, her style, her passions, even her body, driven further into depraved acts she never …

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Mar 08 2014

Have we had the Pleasure?

Striking up conversation with a friendly man on the commuter train one morning, Michelle finds herself opening up more than she ever expected. On her way to an unnerving interview downtown, Michelle welcomes any distraction, but she probably isn’t prepared for where this idle conversation will take her. It’s certainly a much more exposing destination …

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Mar 04 2014

Are you ready to take a spin?

In the hopes of improving her chances at winning class president, popular cheerleader Alicia invites four diverse classmates from different cliques to her home for a get-together. When the evening takes a turn towards an innocent game of Spin the Bottle, more than just her hopes of being class president might spin entirely out of …

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Mar 02 2014

The Kreme serves up specials for Read an eBook Week!

It’s time once again on Smashwords for the Read an Ebook Week special! This year the Kreme has some of his works on special at discounted rates from March 2nd to March 8th, 2014! The following Kreme works can be found at attractive discounts, but for one week only! Anime DNA – Kreme Klassic #1 …

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Feb 24 2014

Step up to the mike and sing a Kuickie

What could be better for a girl’s twentieth birthday than a girl’s night out at the local karaoke scene? Winning the grand prize for best crowd reaction, of course. Cameron, her three best friends, and her still fun and youthful mom are heading out dressed in their best. The performances on stage and the lyrics …

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Feb 18 2014

Time for the Kreme to preach to Readers

Readers voted for potent potions and this is the result, a brand new Readers Choice Tale, fresh from the Kreme! Mary Elizabeth is the preacher’s daughter in the small town of Kindling Fields. She’s also the resident socialite, a young woman who always makes an appearance at parties and gatherings. She’s not a bad girl, …

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Feb 16 2014

An uncensored Paranormal Ending

Every so often there is a cover that just can’t be used for the Kreme’s books. While they cannot be used as the official cover, they can be seen here. Here’s the uncensored cover for Paranormal Ending and look for a new release this week!