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It’s Koming Kloser everyday… SINtendo Whee Yoo!

Yoo-miliated Advertisement

The kountdown has begun. The one Kreme theme that has been demanded than any other. It’s not just a game. It’s… SINtendo Whee You. The ultimate in gaming consoles that make life around you part of the game… And the game that makes it possible for those around you to be Yoo-miliated… Koming Soon from …

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Some covers Shake Things Up too much…

Shaking Things Up Uncensored Cover

As always it seems like when a cover is made there is something that just is a bit too much. That doesn’t mean that readers of the Kreme shouldn’t get a sample anyway! So, here’s the uncensored cover of Shaking Things Up!   And watch for a special release very soon of a new video …

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The cover that was too hot for Amazon and Smashwords…

AnimeDNA - Uncensored Cover

It takes a lot of time for a Kreme Kover to be baked to perfection. Now, most of the time there’s only one cook that stirs the batter, shapes the dough and adds the frosting. Most of the time there isn’t a problem. Sometimes there is. Sometimes Amazon has a problem with the cover being …

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Kreme Kuizz

Kreme Kuizz

A question for readers of the Kreme to ponder…

Vote for Kreme in 2016!

Kreme 2016 Ad Kampaign

The election of 2012 is over, the winner announced… But what about 2016? While I could have run in this year’s election, I was too busy with providing the freshest Kreme possible, the sluttist bimbos available and keeping Kreme Industries on top of its game. But eventually one’s thoughts turn towards what you can do …

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The Kreme Halloween Spectacular is… delayed.

Halloween Delayed

Because of some health problems, I will be delaying the Kreme Halloween Spectacular for a short while. I do have some very talented nurse bimbos here to help me recover… ..and I am making sure that they take their medicine. There is much Kreme to be poured for your Halloween enjoyment along with some special …

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Are you prepared for a Kreme Halloween?

Halloween with the Kreme - early Ad

The middle of October has arrived and the night is falling… Zombies shuffle looking for brainsssss… Devila, Succubi and the creatures of Hell look for the unaware to ensnare in their traps… Vampires fast on blood and werewolves howl… And for some… They just cum… HallowKreme is cummming… Sooooon…

Not all Pop-Ups are all bad… Are they?


It has been said that popups can be a problem. They get in the way of things, they divert your attention and can make you lost track of what you were thinking about or going to do… Most of the time…

A Health Message from the Kreme – Read the Label!

The Kreme here with a very important warning about never taking too many vitamins, especially when they come from KremeKo. Always read the label and follow instructions! Or you might be taking more than your health into your own hands… Or someone else will take you in theirs…

A Special Message from the Kreme Keeper

Message from Kreme Keeper

We interrupt this website to bring you a special message from the Kreme Keeper. There’s always a place for Kreme! And all the Kreme has it’s place!

Kreme Kuickie – How to Get a Raise

Kreme Kuickie - How to get a Raise

You voted, and the Kreme delivers! Fans voted for more stories and artwork, so enjoy this Kreme Kuickie where Kelly shows us how to get a raise,with the Kreme method! There are more stories and artwork to come this month, and for Halloween there will be a Kreme Halloween Special! For the Kreme, it’s the …

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Kreme Kuickies – Krempoo & Konditioner Ad

Krempoo and Konditioner Ad

As I was working on the Kreme Kuickie called Krempoo & Konditioner, I decided to create an ad for this amazing new product that reveals all of its benefits! While other products talk about what they will do for your hair, Krempoo & Konditioner gives more than bounce… a lot more than bounce in a …

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KpKOM delivers for their customers!

KpKom Ad

One of the most important things that cellphone users look for is testimonials from people that have used the service they are interested in… Well, KpKOM is no exception to that! Here are three customers that give their completely unbiased opinion on KpKOM, what the service has done for them, and how it changed their …

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Looking for a new cell phone provider? Try KpKOM!

KpKom Ad

Are you fed up with your current service provider? Is that cellphone just not meeting all of your expectations? Looking for a change? Or are you looking to change someone else? Well, thanks to the latest technology from the Kreme Labs, there is an option for YOU! We’ve crunched the numbers and found a way …

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