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The Story of the Kreme Koat of Arms

Kreme Koat of Arms

For generations the Kreme family held a proud heritage of telling tales, tales which in the dark ages created cravings so severe, they were not to be spoken of aloud and soon became known as more than the word craving could communicate. Commoners feared those wearing the Kreme Koat of Arms on their clothing, for …

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Kreme Kuickies – Krempoo and Konditioner

Krempoo & Konditioner Cover - Too Extreme

Another special bonus for readers of Tales from the Kreme… The uncensored cover of Krempoo and Konditioner! Smashwords won’t accept it, Amazon neither! So here it is! In other news, the next Readers’ Choice story is being pondered as I write this post and I’ll be starting on it soon. Place a vote today and …

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Kreme Kuickies – A Calculated Risk

Kreme Kuicky - A Calculated Risk

As a special bonus for readers of Tales from the Kreme… The uncensored cover of A Calculated Risk! Too hot for Smashwords! Too much for Amazon! But not here! You can see a preview of the story you voted for here on my site, and of course the story is on Smashwords right now too! …

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SINtendo Whee Ad 2

SINtendo Whee!

The SINtendo Whee is an amazing piece of gaming technology! Just have a look at this classic ad from the Kreme that tells you all about it! Read some of the Kreme’s tales about this gaming console! Elly discovers some of the features and how they can change her life! And don’t forget to check …

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The Brain Drain Mobile App!

Brain Drain App by Kris P. Kreme

Are you in college? Do you have the brains to take you far in life but not the money you really need right now? Are you interested in looking your best, feeling your best, and enjoying the best years of life, but just can’t afford the luxuries only expensive cosmetic enhancements can provide? Then check …

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The Kreme Factory

Glazing Factory

A look at the workings of The Kreme Factory… Where the glaze isn’t the only thing that is sticky…

Game Over…

Game Over by Kris P. Kreme

Welcome to Tales of the Kreme, all bimbos and wanna be bimbos should leave their minds at the… door?