Feb 29 2016

Leap Day cums Readers!

Every four years there comes a special day, a day that four friends will only see once during their entire time in high school together. On that day, they are skipping school and hanging out in a basement, beer and little else on the agenda. Leap Day is that day, and when Travis and Cole …

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Feb 29 2016

Kustom Kreme Kommissions

Would you like to have a story kustom written by the Kreme? I offer a kustom story service for my fans! I have certain rules which are that whatever the story is about, there cannot be any themes involving murder or death, nor should any of the characters in the story be under 18 years …

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Feb 22 2016

Have you played SINtendo SuDIKu?

You demanded more SINtendo! The Kreme delivers! A new monthly series called SINtendo Select brings all of the gaming action you expect from the Kreme… Do you have your game on? Kari is as business minded as they come, enjoying success with her team of three brilliant if flawed men. They’ve done so well recently …

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Feb 21 2016

Are you ready to get your game on?

SINtendo is one of the most popular series that I’ve released over the years. There have been many requests for more SINtendo, more often. SINtendo Selects is a new monthly series starting this month which will focus on stories in the SINtendo universe. Look for the first game in the SINtendo Selects series, SINtendo Sudiku, …

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Feb 17 2016

Kimmy’s character is going to be the star of the show

Beautiful, bright, wholesome, and talented, Kimberly has so many blessings as many of her church family has witnessed. She’s destined to perform, to be in front of an audience, to have people applauding her, whether it’s singing, acting, or anything else she sets her mind to. When the biggest and most challenging role she ever …

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Feb 12 2016

Be careful of arrows around Valentine’s Day

Clay isn’t like many of his classmates in the senior year of high school. He isn’t eager to see another Valentine’s Day purely because there’s the prospect of experiencing more than just love with a supple young girl. No, Clay is the kind with angst and anger overflowing, the kind ignored and ridiculed, left alone …

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Feb 08 2016

The Sinister Serum concludes with a plan

Developing a sinister serum that flipped personalities and minds, Mickey Morno made weak lackeys out of super strong jocks and slutty whores out of proper moral women. He corrupted and ruined the modern metropolis, New King City. He took their super-heroes, Three Queens, and made them his.

The government stepped in and ruined his fun, re-flipping …

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Feb 06 2016

Selfies get Passionate in February…

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy! In Passion Fruit, team building in the tropics builds to climaxes Mike never expected thanks to native …

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Feb 01 2016

Valentine’s get Grabbed this month

It’s the season of love… or is it lust? You decide with the latest bargain bunch in the bag, a special Valentine Grab Bag just for you from the Kreme. This Grab Bag includes: Cupid’s Day Off and Valentine’s Kandy, two stories that tell of the surprises that February brings!   Find it on Smashwords …

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Jan 26 2016

Things are getting Humpy

Verona Vincent despises that a portion of her private land is being taken for the creation of an access road to the new Wholesome Cove High School. Angry at the invasion of her peace and quiet, the best the judge can offer is a speed hump to keep things slow and hopefully quiet for anyone …

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Jan 23 2016

Life can be a ZigZag

Rose has lived a life that went many directions, from a happy childhood crushed by loss, to a rough and often zigzagging series of mistakes and troubles. Finally content and dedicated to her daughter’s future, masked men with mind altering guns holding everyone in a bank hostage may just bring her life full circle. As …

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Jan 15 2016

To a Criminal, it’s all a Whim

Kiera Dent is a sharp detective, tougher than she looks. Having led the hunt for criminal, Lawrence Voss, she’s about to interview the man, hopefully finding a pattern to his depraved crimes. Unfortunately, Lawrence Voss has a way of getting in ones head, of messing with their mind quite literally, and Kiera may find that …

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Jan 12 2016

Selfies take the phone in January

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy! In Celliminal, Donald Campbell, a man with everything including a super hot wife with expensive tastes and …

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Jan 05 2016

A New Year’s Grab Bag

Ring in the New Year with a Grab Bag of Celebratory Goodness. Two twisted tales in one sensationally sinful selection, just for you.   Find it on Smashwords now! Now On Amazon!   This Grab Bag holds…   Kiss Free Will Goodbye The end is cumming on December 21st, 2012 and not from major disasters …

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Dec 30 2015

The Twelfth Day of Kris-mas is very touchy

A young woman calling to promote her charity organization, Hug the Homeless, finds herself caught up in a surprisingly deep Konversation. Hugs are meant to be warm and encouraging, but Carrie soon realizes there are much more intimate ways of providing both warmth and encouragement to homeless men out there, ways they might just be …

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Dec 28 2015

The Eleventh Day of Kris-mas is just peachy

A stranger bearing the bizarre gift of fresh peaches steps into the life of one suburban family this Christmas. His influence is as instant as the reflex to catch one of the peaches he tosses each of them and soon father, mother, and finally daughter will be doing whatever he suggests. It’s the time to …

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