The Kraving – Book Two now available on Smashwords!

Kraving Book Two Cover

Just released! Book Two of The Kraving! Read as Passions Rise in Passion Falls! Now available on Smashwords and soon to be available on Amazon! After speaking with the distributors about his glaze ingredients, Kris Kraven finds that while the Donut Shack customers might be cumming, his business might be going… under. As if that …

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Kreme Kuickies – Krempoo and Konditioner

Krempoo & Konditioner Cover - Too Extreme

Another special bonus for readers of Tales from the Kreme… The uncensored cover of Krempoo and Konditioner! Smashwords won’t accept it, Amazon neither! So here it is! In other news, the next Readers’ Choice story is being pondered as I write this post and I’ll be starting on it soon. Place a vote today and …

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Discount Coupon for Tails of the Kreme has ended!

Tails from the Kreme Cover

Just a reminder that the 25% discount coupon on Smashwords for Tails of the Kreme has ended! Many thanks to all of the readers that used the coupon and there will be other deals in the future! As well, don’t forget to vote for your choice of the next story elements in the next Kreme …

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Kreme Kuickies – Krempoo and Konditioner Now Available on Smashwords and Amazon!

Newly released by the Kreme!! A new Kreme Kuicky on Smashwords! Also available at Amazon! The story of Krempoo and Conditioner, and as a bonus, a new never released excerpt from the book Tails from the Kreme!   Vanessa Cooling has always been perfect, perfect in her goals and perfect in her manipulation to achieve …

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Tails from the Kreme – The second Readers’ Choice story from the Kreme!

Tails from the Kreme Cover

The votes are in and once again the winner is… You! 27,000 words of Kremey tails of supernatural delights! Kome and read some Tails from the Kreme… Available now on Smashwords here! It’s time again for Horrorcon Expo, the absolute best place for horror aficionados and loyal fans to gather and share their love of the …

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All of the Kreme and nothing but the Kreme

Wondering what books the Kreme has published? Needing another heaping helping of Kremey goodness? Here’s a list of the books, short summaries of each, and links where you can find them! Newest books are at the top of the list! Last updated January 4th, 2013.   Kim’s Kountdown It’s time once again for the countdown …

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Kreme Kuickies – A Calculated Risk

Kreme Kuicky - A Calculated Risk

As a special bonus for readers of Tales from the Kreme… The uncensored cover of A Calculated Risk! Too hot for Smashwords! Too much for Amazon! But not here! You can see a preview of the story you voted for here on my site, and of course the story is on Smashwords right now too! …

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A Klassic Kreme BE Comic – Cruise Control

Kreme Komic Sampler - Cruise Control

A classic BE comic from the Kreme! Amanda and her more outgoing sister Nicole are on a cruise to break Amanda out of her shell and to see if she can get the busty Amanda to give guys a chance. After a few days of spending time in the cabin, Nicole and some wine coolers …

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A Calculated Risk – The first Readers’ Choice story from the Kreme!

A Calculated Risk - The First Readers' Choice Story

The votes are in and the winner is… You! 14,000 words of Kremey goodness! And the story is called: A Calculated Risk Available now on Smashwords here! Jake’s friend Brian has always been a perv, but an honest and lovable perv. He’s been the one friend to stick around since college when Jake first discovered …

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Vicki the Voluptuous Vimbo available on Smashwords!

Vicki the Voluptuous Vimbo

A new story released today by the Kreme on Smashwords! Discover the story of Vicki the Voluptuous Vimbo! Vicki was always the good student, the smart girl, the conservatively raised responsible one on campus. This is the story of how she became a creature of the night. Yes, this is how Vicki became a vimbo. …

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Kookies And Kreme – New! Improved! Free on Smashwords!

Kookies and Kreme Kover

Long time followers of the Kreme will remember that one of the first stories that appeared on my site was called Kookies and Kreme. The Kreme has added to the story and released it on Smashwords as a free book! Melissa was only selling cookies to try and raise money for the senior prom. She …

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Bubbling Up from the Abyss – A New Kreme Komic Series!

Kreme Komic sampler Bubbling Up

Newly released on the Giantess! The latest Kreme Komic arrives! Mystery! Thrills! Science and exploration combine into a tale of expanding proportions! What lurks in the depths of the Earth’s oceans? Who will be first to discover this mystery and what effects will this have on humanity? Part One of this comic book series …

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SINtendo Whee Ad 2

SINtendo Whee!

The SINtendo Whee is an amazing piece of gaming technology! Just have a look at this classic ad from the Kreme that tells you all about it! Read some of the Kreme’s tales about this gaming console! Elly discovers some of the features and how they can change her life! And don’t forget to check …

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Kreme Kuickies – Vacuous Vacations Now Available on Smashwords!

Vacuous Vacations Kover

Just released! A new Kreme Kuicky on Smashwords! The story of Vacuous Vacations, and as a bonus, an additional short Kreme Kuicky! Alison Anders never had to think twice. She was always the intelligent one, unfortunately dealing with men who knew far less. Being offered a paid vacation to private beachfront property in the first …

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