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Jan 22 2018

Days Later… It’s SINtendo

Days ago, the owner of Aces Arcade walked in to find an employee working hard screwing a girl senseless. Joe knew that SINtendo was involved, and meant his prized possession in the backroom of the arcade was to blame. Determined to put his rare SINtendo Arcade console from the 80s under more than lock and …

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Dec 16 2017

SINtendo for Krismas is a tradition

There’s no escaping bullies, not for Johnny. Caught staring at Kelly Price, the prettiest girl in school shopping with her mother, her bully brother Miles is quick to offer punching punishment. However the punches lead Johnny to slapping a clay pot one of the mall trees grows in and that is where he finds an …

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Oct 11 2017

What’s HallowKreme without SINtendo?

Deanna loves Kyle, a man she was encouraged to date by her daughter, Victoria. Always a good judge of character, it’s saying something when Victoria is willing to help surprise Kyle for his birthday. But the surprise may be ultimately on them when they set up his gift, a new SINtendo, something Deanna saw was …

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Sep 29 2017

A special SINtendo Selfie appears…

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy! For fans of my more recent story SINtendo Whee Yoo, see how it all began during the …

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Sep 24 2017

SIntendo’s lessons are unforgettable

While her mother is away on business, fiercely feminist Madison has zero interest in being around her stepfather. Men are animals who objectify women, and she’s more interested in studying a college learning app she discovered online. A senior in high school, she can get a head start, and that’s how Madison comes to try …

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Sep 22 2017

It’s a shame that sometimes a cover is a SIN… tendo

It’s been some time since the last uncensored Kreme cover and this one’s a SINtendo. Here’s the uncensored cover for SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques: Modern Orgasmic Farming for readers of the Kreme to enjoy!

Sep 20 2017

Get in the money with SINtendo September

Having excelled in her classes, one might assume Katelyn has no worries when it comes to education. In her second year of college, she’s a favorite among her professors, but has shared a concern at least one of them is eager to solve through questionable means. Recommending a radical study technique using VR and her …

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Sep 17 2017

SINtendo can teach… anything.

On campus less than a month, Angela and Celia are very diverse roommates. Where blonde Celia is a party girl with no inhibitions, Angela is a sweet brunette farm girl away from home for the first time. Determined to figure out her college ambitions, Angela spends a night alone looking online for study techniques. What …

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Sep 13 2017

The Lost Kreme finds SINtendo

Kaitlyn Stewart was house sitting for a family in her neighborhood when she discovered a SINtendo Whee in their closet. Bored, figuring it might be a fun way to pass the time, she hooked it up, finding a game called Whee Pop! that seemed worth trying. Unfortunately, she discovered once you start playing a SINtendo …

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Sep 09 2017

SINtendo takes over the Grab Bag this month

It’s the very first SINtendo September… and school is back in session, time to learn that some games don’t play by the rules. Enjoy a special Grab Bag of Gaming to see if you will win or lose. This Grab Bag includes: SINtendo Shades: Joel just wants to find a pair of inexpensive internet glasses, …

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Sep 01 2017

It’s going to be a SINtendo September!

It’s the most popular of all of the Kreme series… It’s what Readers have demanded, over and over again. One month in which SINtendo takes over! Watch your calendars! It’s going to be a SINtendo September…

Jul 29 2017

SINtendo is a learning experience…

Haley usually handles challenges on her own, a young teacher who handles high school boys with ease in the classroom. Unfortunately having taught the summer history class to help failing students stay on track, she faces problems no teacher is ready for. Five football players have failed and ethically she should bar them playing this …

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Jun 20 2017

SINtendo returns for one more round with Readers

Hannah has a pretty good thing going, great guy like Troy who lets her live rent free as his girlfriend, occasionally nags her about helping with the bills, but never whines too much when she frequently borrows his money. Of course Troy might have different thoughts, and he’s definitely not as satisfied as a boyfriend …

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Jun 08 2017

SINtendo is a popular game with Readers

Encouraged to date again, single mother Ava finds herself increasingly frustrated by the stupid dating profile creation program her daughters recommended. One of their boyfriends claims his dad had success with the program but as the questions go from ridiculous to perverse, Ava becomes convinced the whole thing is a joke, some stupid game being …

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May 29 2017

Get SWITCHED on with SINtendo!

SINtendo continues corrupting and ruining families yet somehow bringing them together. Now comes the all new SINtendo SWITCHbitch, the gaming device disguised as a metal headband which instantly numbs the mind and SWITCHes good for bad, bad for good. Bad girls become good when wearing it, and good girls become very bad. No girl has …

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May 26 2017

A SINtendo cover just can’t be Extinguished

Every so often there’s a cover that’s a little too much. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t find a place on the Kreme’s website. The uncensored cover for SINtendo Extinguis-HER comes out of the shadows! Watch out for the latest SINtendo Select coming next week!