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May 25 2016

Chess is not a five letter word… with a T… Except in SINtendo

Dana only wanted to practice for an upcoming university chess tournament, but when her idiot stepbrother takes some of her chess pieces and the internet is down due to network error, will she find hope in one of his weird video games? It certainly seems possible after she finds a game called SINtendo Chess Burster, …

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Apr 26 2016

The answer is always yes to SINtendo

Forced to have a babysitter while his parents are out of town, eighteen year old Gavin and his best friend Lane are bored out of their mind. Lizi is frumpy and dull, pale and definitely nothing to fantasize about just to occupy time, and the two have far too much time to do nothing. When …

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Mar 27 2016

With SINtendo, plastic is fantastic!

Bitching and complaining and threatening to break up with her game tester boyfriend, Adam, Erica never imagines the guy she suckered into paying for everything and buying her anything she wanted will finally find a way to get repaid at her expense. Fortunately for Adam a new SINtendo game offers to WoMANNEQUINize his girlfriend, transforming …

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Feb 22 2016

Have you played SINtendo SuDIKu?

You demanded more SINtendo! The Kreme delivers! A new monthly series called SINtendo Select brings all of the gaming action you expect from the Kreme… Do you have your game on? Kari is as business minded as they come, enjoying success with her team of three brilliant if flawed men. They’ve done so well recently …

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Feb 21 2016

Are you ready to get your game on?

SINtendo is one of the most popular series that I’ve released over the years. There have been many requests for more SINtendo, more often. SINtendo Selects is a new monthly series starting this month which will focus on stories in the SINtendo universe. Look for the first game in the SINtendo Selects series, SINtendo Sudiku, …

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Oct 01 2015

SINtendo begins Reader’s Scare Month!

Terrified not just of making a bad impression, Nate is scared of his girlfriend, Miranda’s father. The man gives good reason as a hard nosed cop. However, after Miranda clicks on what she believes is downloadable content sent to Nate while he’s getting cleaned up to leave, she might just find herself more interested in …

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Nov 10 2014

November’s got all kinds of SINtendo busting out!

Over 74,000 words of SINtendo action! Six tales of SINtendo gaming like you’ve never imagined, this bundle ensures you’ll be SINfully satisfied with the long lost original tale, Whee Hear and Obey.   Find it on Smashwords now! Now On Amazon!   Over 74,000 words of SINtendo action! What’s Thanksgiving month without spending quality time …

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Nov 03 2014

November is Thanksgiving Kreme Stuffing Month!

Everyone knows about Black Friday, but what about Thanksgiving Kreme Stuffing Month? This month the Kreme is releasing collections of some of his best works for much less than you would have to pay to get them all! Klassics! Konversations! SINtendo! and many more! Special collections of many of the most popular Kreme stories with …

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Oct 24 2014

SINtendo returns for HallowKreme

Many years ago, Kevin received a SINtendo Whee from his uncle, a powerful game system that nearly corrupted his entire family. A year ago, Kevin received the SINtendo Whee YOO before his marriage to Amber, nearly ending that wedding before it began. Now Kevin will finally confront the sins of the past and put the …

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Jul 14 2013

Readers wanted more SINtendo, so go to a Petting YOO…

SINtendo Whee began years ago with a kid named Kevin and now Kevin returns in an all new story that turns everything around. Kevin and his fiancee, Amber, are about to experience the pleasure and shock of SINtendo Whee YOO. Bored one day after rain spoils a trip to the petting zoo, Amber discovers Petting …

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Jun 08 2013

SINtendo returns and gets on the go!

The legend returns. You’ve read about SINtendo Whee YOO;  read about the SINtendo Whee! and now you can take SINtendo on the Go!  Casey was set to spend the weekend gaming but when his older brother Heath insists on having the house to himself with his girlfriend Veronica, plans change. Wandering angrily along a sidewalk, …

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Jan 30 2013

Some SINs are too hot for some…

The amazing thing about making book covers is that there are no many things you aren’t allowed to do. The crazier thing is that one site will allow a cover, but another one won’t. And that’s when some artistic license has to get in the way of things… So here’s the uncensored cover for SINtenso …

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Jan 29 2013

Every game console needs an ad… Even the SINtendo Whee Yoo!

Even notice that the best video games and consoles have the most interesting ads? Have you ever really looked at them? The fine print? The hints about them that are hidden in the ads themselves? SINtendo Whee You is no exception! But, the Whee You is the exception when it cums to the latest in …

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Jan 24 2013

You’ve waited long enough… SINtendo Whee Yoo has arrived!

Finally, after years of development in the Kreme Labs, after months of testing on “volunteers”, after so much user feedback that the servers crashed from the load… SINtendo Whee Yoo arrives! Now on Smashwords! Now on Amazon! Years ago readers and gamers united in orgasmic cheer to a gaming system that truly promoted some interactive enjoyment, …

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Jan 22 2013

It’s Koming Kloser everyday… SINtendo Whee Yoo!

The kountdown has begun. The one Kreme theme that has been demanded than any other. It’s not just a game. It’s… SINtendo Whee You. The ultimate in gaming consoles that make life around you part of the game… And the game that makes it possible for those around you to be Yoo-miliated… Koming Soon from …

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Jan 19 2013

Are You Ready for SINtendo Whee Yoo?

One of the most demanded stories that have come from the mind of the Kreme… returns. Everyone wants one. Everyone needs one. The possibilities are… endless. It’s SINtendo. The all new SINtendo Whee Yoo. Everyone will be… cumming soon…