Feb 11 2017

It’s not hard to be… AgreeABEL

Abel was never the guy who stood out in a crowd, just an average guy in his early forties who like most guys spent time fantasizing about his hot wife. Unfortunately his wife Kelly was rather routine when it came to living out those fantasies… at least until an unusual encounter with some sort of …

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Feb 09 2017

Meet Abel this February and see what he’s able to do…

Meet Abel, a real down to earth ordinary harmless guy with typical fantasies and desires who one day has a strange encounter, after which… anything can, and will, happen. Look for the ABEL series all month long, a five book limited series from the Kreme!  

Feb 08 2017

The Grab Bag twists reality this month

Fight the chill of the season with some hot naughty tales of omnipotence. Sometimes when something isn’t the way you like, or your neighbor just will not stop annoying you, the best solution is to literally change their mind. Change is spreading and February is going to be a hot month in the Grab Bag. …

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Feb 07 2017

Thirsty for an uncensored cover?

The rules for book covers means that there are, from time to time, a cover that isn’t acceptable to Amazon or Smashwords because it shows off a little too much. For readers of the Kreme, here’s the original book cover for Thirsty to enjoy!

Feb 02 2017

It’s time for the SINtendo big game!

Far younger than her soon to be husband Jack, Kendall has wanted to fit in with his friends. When one of his two best buds, Quinn, invites her along to watch the Super Bowl, she’s thrilled. Unfortunately Jack finds out his pals haven’t changed their tune about settling down, only inviting Kendall along to make …

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Jan 30 2017

The couple that wagers together stays together…

A hot young married couple keeps things even hotter and more spontaneous by making weekly wagers with each other. Dana and Ethan are well matched for kinks, each one quite willing to do anything for and to the other. The wagers were Ethan’s ideas, but so far these little bets have all gone to Dana. …

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Jan 27 2017

Some friends are a real problem.

The phrase ‘with friends like these, who needs enemies’ never applied as well as it does to Cory Treesum’s friends on the night he arrived home so mad he could barely speak. Blake and Will had used Cory, played him, and they’d done so with one intention, his beautiful supportive mother who is concerned over …

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Jan 23 2017

Get your Thirst taken care of by a new Kustom Kreme!

17,000 Words of Kreme! Mystery and myth always surrounded the quaint mountain town of Victoria, a place Elsa grew up and returns to for the first time in a number of years, aiming to reconnect for a week with her friend, Nina. However no mystery matched the one Elsa discovers when a much different acting …

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Jan 18 2017

Selfies get a Green Light this month!

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy! In Red Light, Green Light, Ashlynn Chan finds herself stuck overnight in Amsterdam, after an unfortunate train …

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Jan 10 2017

Pop Up Paula gets Marked by Marie

The sequel to Pop-Up Paula has arrived! Marie never liked being among the crowd, never the focus of attention. After returning to campus from Christmas break something unavoidable may change Marie’s mind. Finding the dorm room a mess, her roommate Paula nowhere in sight, and needing to focus on some overlooked work for a very …

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Jan 05 2017

The New Year gets Grabbie

A brand new year brings brand new bargains, and more to get your hands on with the latest Grab Bag and there’s plenty here to grab, more than mere handfuls. Start the year with Koed Kursed: Bigger Boobs, Bigger Brains & Trading Up: New and Used!   Now On Smashwords! Now On Amazon!   This …

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Dec 29 2016

The Elves return to make Kris-mas extra naughty

Traveling hilly roads with her mom and stepdad, Alicia never expects this family Christmas gathering to change her life. Then she spots the shadowy figures darting into the road and screaming to her stepfather Rick has him barely avoiding hitting those figures. But only Alicia can see the little men and those little men reveal …

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Dec 28 2016

Kris-mas has a lot of spirit to share…

In his forty plus years, Ned has seen a lot, from the tempting older teen girls across one street to the hot young wife across another. But never has he seen anything as odd as the fact little Billy always gets what he asks Santa for. Swiping Billy’s letter this year, Ned tests a theory, …

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Dec 27 2016

It’s time for Kris-mas to get Bimbo-Bombed

Laura is bitchy and frigid, but she couldn’t care less, just as she couldn’t care less about the sappy happy holidays mentality all her neighbors have. She’s smart, fierce, and above everyone she ever met, but this year she’s getting an unexpected gift, a package left on her doorstep. Opening it, Laura finds she has …

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Dec 23 2016

On Kris-mas beware the Imps that grant wishes

Twenty years ago a stumble in Santa’s Letter Sorting Room left several letters lost behind a big desk. Trying to keep the temp imps out of his way this year, Santa has them cleaning the room where that desk is… and after discovering the letters from children asking for wishes from Santa, Clyde and Seymour …

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Dec 22 2016

Donnie’s taking it easy on Kris-mas

Donnie the Demon is away at a mini-pizza convention and this Christmas he has left his two best bullies in charge of the Costume Castle. Of course Donnie is still under the impression the old bullies are now buddies, but Melgrim and Grimmel only have plans to bring all new meaning to costume chaos. As …

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