Visit Downtown Fertile Fields

Downtown Fertile Fields by Kris Kreme

Fertile Fields is a destination no one chooses, where an unleashed uncontrollable power rules over all through the fantasies unspoken. Only Riley Sloane seems separated from the influence, but even he is overwhelmed by this town. Meanwhile, Sam, Richie, and the younger Alice have arrived in downtown Fertile Fields. For Sam and Richie, more than …

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Switch off your mind with a Kuickie

The Kuickies #9 - Mind Toggled by Kris Kreme

Out for a stroll through the city on a very pleasant day, things are about to go from pleasant to perverted for Justin and Lizzie. Lizzie has always been into shopping and her latest purchase is a recycled and re-purposed toggle switch turned bracelet. What happens when her joking boyfriend makes a comment about turning …

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My how you’ve changed… again.

My How the Family has Changed by Kris P. Kreme

In the Klassic My, How You’ve Changed, we met Eric, a loser turned success who seems to have left his awkward bullied years in school far in the past. Eric has a unique way of turning a conversation into a series of changes, changes one never sees coming. Melinda, friendly, sweet, but making one mistake …

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The Dolls of Salem are getting Vexed for Valentine’s

Valentines Vex Dolls of Salem by Kris P. Kreme

On Halloween, coed twin sisters Malerie and Valerie crossed paths with real witches, ones leading their own sorority in Salem. They became hex dolls, their bodies manipulated and changed at will by the sisters, for purely lustful cruel and humiliating purposes. Now Valentines Day has arrived and the twins have been working on a plan, …

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Need some Nymphos from Neptune?

Nymphos of Neptune by Kris P. Kreme

The second work in a new Kreme series… Kreme Kosmos! The Propagators of the Planet Pluto came to Earth and brought chaos in the form of their Propagation Pistols. Now, it’s Neptune’s turn. After seeing the respect earned by Pluto’s strike at the Earth, Neptunian scientist Gleewad and his nubile niece Talina have a plan. …

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Don’t call Pluto a Dwarf Planet

Propagators of the Planet Pluto by Kris P. Kreme

The first work in a new Kreme series… Kreme Kosmos! Once idolizing humans on Earth, the arachnid residents of Pluto were devastated when their world was downgraded to a dwarf planet. No one likes being called small, and now the Plutonians are going to ensure that Earth knows what being small and overcrowded is all …

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The Fertile Fields Drive-In is Open

The Fertile Fields Drive-in by Kris P. Kreme

Fertile Fields, a town not found on any map is a destination whether travelers know it or not. Ethan and Dana simply wanted to join their friends already in downtown Fertile Fields. Their trip is about to hit a pothole… literally. After a flat tire, Ethan and his girlfriend find their only source of help …

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Meet the Gimbo

Gimbo Gloss by Kris P. Kreme

Meet the Gimbo. Combining the empty-headed ditz of bimbos with the pale pierced edge of goth girls, read the tale of Katherine, out for a drive after fighting with her boyfriend. The fight began over an insulting suggestion she’d look better with huge obviously fake tits. Finding his wallet, Katherine decides he’ll treat her to …

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A Kuickie deal you can’t refuse!

The Kuickies #8 - Free Bimbo with Purchase By Kris Kreme

Taking a break from working at home, Jason heads down to the brand new grocery store, Dorman’s Deals, to take advantage of a grand opening special. Surprisingly the special turns out not to be free bread but instead a free bimbo and when all the bimbos are already given away what will Jason think of …

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Flip a coin and your mind…

Despite the glasses and brainy exterior, Callie isn’t confident about passing her exams.Frustrated after a failed study session in the campus library, she meets a friendly old man who might have the solution, no matter how bizarre it seems. He offers to flip a special lucky coin, and that flip will change everything. Experience both …

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Welcome… to Fertile Fields.

Welcome to Fertile Fields by Kris P. Kreme

In all the years that the Kreme has been bringing readers to the edge of their seats and quite possibly the edge of orgasm, there exists one tale that was never finished, one tale that since then has been constantly asked about, requested, hundreds of times over the years. That tale tells the story of …

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New Year’s Greetings from the Kreme

New Year's Kreme

Look for new surprises from the Kreme in 2015! New series on offer! Old classics made new! And of course many surprising Kreme specials that you’ve come to expect! Happy New Year to One and All!

Pick up the Khristmas gift you didn’t know you wanted

The Merry Mindless Corset by Kris P. Kreme

There are bargains to be found shopping during the holidays. The bargain Brennan stumbles across on TV might be too good to pass up. The Merry Mindless Corset, a sexy tight article of clothing that actually squeezes all willpower and personality from a woman promises complete control to the man in her life. Brennan has …

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Ring those Khristmas Bellas

Jingling Bella by Kris P. Kreme

Bella isn’t just good, she’s saintly. In seminary, studying to be a minister, Bella looks for the best in people. After an accident ruins the bell she was planning to use bell ringing for charity, she finds kindness as a man offers her a replacement. However, this bell is anything but normal and her day …

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