Dec 11 2012

The melons have ripened… Kustom Kollection #6 is here!

It’s important to choose carefully when you are looking for the best melons. After all, only the best melons are the sweetest ones. You must examine their shape, texture, size and most importantly, you have to choose the right source for your melons. Guess what’s growing in the Kreme’s garden? That’s right, only a pair …

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Dec 07 2012

Are you interested in Going Down?

Many readers enjoyed the story called Konversationally Speaking, but they never expected a sequel… until now. Going Down is the semi-sequel to Konversationally Speaking by Kris P. Kreme, the semi-sequel you never expected! Available on Smashwords for 99 cents! Available on Amazon for 99 Cents! Elevator etiquette might make conversations a rare occurrence but that …

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Dec 03 2012

The first of the Kreme Klassics arrive! AnimeDNA is kremier than ever!

One of the most popular tales from the Kreme is now the first of a new series of Kreme Klassics! A tale that has been completely re-edited, cleaned up, and extended to perfection. The original tale was the first award winning story written by the Kreme, now available as never seen before. When some anime …

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Nov 29 2012

Get some Time off for Naughty Behavior in the first Kreme Kustom Single!

You all know about the Kreme Kustom Kollection…  Now something slightly different in the very first Kustom Kollection Single, a story of epic length custom requested by a reader of the Kreme… Discover what happens when villains are given… Time Off for Naughty Behavior… Find it on Smashwords today! Find it on Amazon now! Empire …

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Nov 23 2012

Give thanks with the Kreme’s special Stuffing for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has arrived and of course with that holiday there has to be stuffing… lots and lots… and lots of stuffing… And the Kreme knows that there is… Something in the Stuffing… The first Amazon exclusive by the Kreme and it brings something special for readers of the Kreme that own Kindles! You can read …

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Nov 20 2012

Now Available! Krematorium – Kustom Kollection #5!

Two more tales custom requested by fans of the Kreme, burning hot right from the Krematorium! Now on Smashwords! Now on Amazon! For this Kollection, enjoy a friendly farmer pushed too far and a girl who attracts the wrong kind of guy, but becomes the right kind of girl. In Repossessed, meet Charlie, a friendly …

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Nov 18 2012

Kreme Kuizz

A question for readers of the Kreme to ponder…

Nov 15 2012

HallowKreme continues with The Man in the Old House

HallowKreme continues with the second tale of lucky, and not so much so, trick and treaters who find out when they visit the Man in the Old House the treats are the tricks… Find it on Smashwords now for $2.99! Find it on Amazon for $2.99! Thanks to a mysteriously creepy man in an old …

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Nov 13 2012

HallowKreme 2012 begins with someone Getting Spun

It’s November 13th and what better day than the 13th to begin HallowKreme 2012? There are all kinds of games that naughty trick and treaters play on Halloween. Perhaps you have played spin the bottle? But you’ve never played quite the game that these four fast friends are going to play… …again and again… Find …

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Nov 10 2012

Now Released! Justice Tales!

What happens when the universe of superheros gets thrown into the universe of the Kreme? What happens when the Kreme creates a superhero team?What is the outcum? Find out in Justice Tales with the first superhero team exclusively created by the Kreme! Find it on Smashwords for $3.99! Find it on Amazon for $3.99! In …

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Nov 07 2012

Vote for Kreme in 2016!

The election of 2012 is over, the winner announced… But what about 2016? While I could have run in this year’s election, I was too busy with providing the freshest Kreme possible, the sluttist bimbos available and keeping Kreme Industries on top of its game. But eventually one’s thoughts turn towards what you can do …

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Nov 05 2012

Now Available! Double D Prints – Kustom Kollection #4!

The Kreme Halloween has been delayed, but the Kreme Kustom Kollection marches on! Get ready for your close up as only kremey photography can handle, with Double D Prints! Now on Smashwords! Now on Amazon too! In Kreative Liberties, Rob has been living the good life ever since he discovered an incredible photo manipulation and …

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Oct 31 2012

The Kreme Halloween Spectacular is… delayed.

Because of some health problems, I will be delaying the Kreme Halloween Spectacular for a short while. I do have some very talented nurse bimbos here to help me recover… ..and I am making sure that they take their medicine. There is much Kreme to be poured for your Halloween enjoyment along with some special …

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Oct 28 2012

The Komplete Story of The Kraving is Now Available

The Kraving is complete and for those that haven’t read the three parts of the story… Why not just read the entire Kollection? Find it on Smashwords now! Find it on Amazon now! It was an ordinary day in the small town of Passion Falls. Officer Alan Morris was going on duty. Soccer mom, Susan …

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Oct 23 2012

At long last, Part Three of The Kraving Arrives

It’s been a while and finally the conclusion of The Kraving arrives on Smashwords! The lines are drawn in Book Three: Thirsty for More. Hero or villain, who will win? Will Kris Kraven stop the Kraving he inadvertently unleashed or will Officer Alan Morris of the Passion Falls Police succeed in his perverse goal of …

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Oct 16 2012

The Kreme now offers Kandy Korn for Halloween

It’s the middle of October and it’s time to begin the Kreme Halloween with a collection of six tales that the Kreme Keeper has approved for your enjoyment… And how else would you start, but with some Kandy Korn to enjoy? Find it on Smashwords now! On Amazon now! Get ready for Halloween with the …

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