Jun 23 2012

The Kraving – Book One now available on Smashwords!

Just released! Book one of The Kraving! Now available on Smashwords and soon to be available on Amazon! It was an ordinary day in the small town of Passion Falls. Officer Alan Morris was going on duty. Soccer mom, Susan Thompson, was preparing for her son’s game. College student, Marissa, was ready to review her …

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Jun 20 2012

The Brain Drain Mobile App!

Are you in college? Do you have the brains to take you far in life but not the money you really need right now? Are you interested in looking your best, feeling your best, and enjoying the best years of life, but just can’t afford the luxuries only expensive cosmetic enhancements can provide? Then check …

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Jun 03 2012

Kreme Kuickies – Avatar Elly

Some games are more than they seem… Elly discovers that the SINtendo Whee most certainly is…   Avatar Elly by Kris P. Kreme Elly was bored. It was as simple as that. She was bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored… just plain bored. She had exhausted every avenue of relief from the lazy summer day boredom …

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May 28 2012

Socks On The Brain – A Kris P. Kreme Comic Release!

From the mind of Kris P. Kreme, well known erotica author specializing in bimbos, breast enhancement, and mind control comes an all original comic book destined to curl your toes… right up into your socks. Socks on the Brain, the twisted tale of what happens when one brainy girl overlooks the needs of her girlfriend …

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May 24 2012

The New Guardian 2

Just released to the Giantess Club.com! The latest Kreme Komic arrives to thrill and tempt your appetite! And here’s a quickie look at the tempting treat!

May 09 2012

Kreme Kuickies – Kookies and Kreme

Kookies and Kreme by Kris P. Kreme Melissa had no idea that she’d encounter anyone like the man in the old brick house that day. There were rumors about that house, and even more rumors about the mysterious man who owned it. Nobody ever set foot on his doorstep, and no one ever had the …

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Apr 30 2012

Kreme Kuickies – Kreme-squeezed

Kreme-squeezed by Kris P. Kreme “Boys and Girls, please stay with the tour group. And no touching the food you see in this section of the factory.” “Yes, students, I’d advise listening to your teacher. You see, this here is the experimental testing department, where we at Kreme Enterprises mix and merge flavors, concocting unique …

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Apr 29 2012

Kremed Komics

The Kreme Keeper has branched out into the world of comic books and here is a sample of his wares! Just click on the art here to see it larger and to purchase any of the komics from the Breast Expansion Story Club just click here! The Kreme brings you only his freshest!

Apr 20 2012

The All New SINtendo Whee!

The latest in body and mind altering game consoles! A Kreme Exclusive! The SINtendo Whee! Want to learn more? Read this exclusive user’s testimonial at the Erotic Mind Control Archives: SINtendo Whee! by Kris P. Kreme Kevin invites his friends over to play his new video game system. Or you can download a PDF for …

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Apr 15 2012

The Kreme Factory

A look at the workings of The Kreme Factory… Where the glaze isn’t the only thing that is sticky…

Apr 12 2012

The Kraving begins…

Coming soon to Amazon and Smashwords, the first book from Kris P. Kreme… The Kraving… Please enjoy this sampling of the first chapter and look for this work soon! The Kraving by Kris P. Kreme Chapter 1: Creating a Stir Passion Falls was a typical slice of small town America, a place where families raised …

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Apr 09 2012

Game Over…

Welcome to Tales of the Kreme, all bimbos and wanna be bimbos should leave their minds at the… door?